I'm Gerard, aka @nomad411.

Back in January 2015, I bought my very first Beaver Builder subscription. Joy!!

Having ran multiple online communities before, I decided to create this Community Slack to have chats about Beaver Builder, with the blessings of the Beavers.

And now, it's grown to over 5000 members.

That is where I welcome YOU now.


Joining The Community Slack

The rules are easy..

  1. Have fun
  2. Learn all you can
  3. Help where you can
  4. Respect Others
  5. GOTO 1

Why Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder has by far the best set of tools for crafting your own website. High quality code and excellent technical support makes it hard to pass.

There are 3 main products:

  • Beaver Builder, which lets you create any designs on the post/page body. It's in the Standard package, Available Here!
  • Beaver Theme, which gives your site the best infrastructure possible (Headers, Footers, WooCommerce, etc)¬† to go with the builder. It's in the Pro and Agency packages, Available Here!
  • Beaver Themer, which lets you use the builder outside of the page, to recreate Headers, Footers, and most parts of the them to be whatever you like. An awesomely powerful¬† add-on, Available Here!